The Kelvin Club Committee

The Kelvin Club Committee


Su Baker

The first female President of the Kevin Club. Over my long membership of the Committee of Management Su has worked to increase the diversity of membership and to introduce new members from diverse industries. She serves on the new committee to further this ambition for this unique Melbourne institution.”

Professor Su Baker is the Pro Vice-Chancellor Cultural Partnerships, providing leadership for cultural strategy and practice at the University, and guiding the University’s cultural impact agenda. Su was Head of the School of Art, Victorian College of the Arts, (VCA) at University of Melbourne from 2000-2010, and then Director of the VCA until 2017.

With 30 years’ experience in teaching, research and senior management, she can contribute her significant leadership and management experience to the enhancement of the business success and the cultural program of the Kelvin Club’.

Su is a practicing artist who has exhibited nationally in public and commercial galleries.

Vice President

Fiona Patten

I have been a member of the Kelvin Club for many years and understand what it can offer to members and the unique place it has in Melbourne. I have been a recipient of the benefits of this club and feel that it is time that I gave back and contributed to the operation and growth of the club. We have a wonderful space and I look forward to exploring how we can continue to serve our members and ensure that our club not only survives but thrives.

I have decades of experience on boards for professional associations and not for profit organisations. I have also been on many parliamentary committees. This has given me a solid understanding of the significant responsibility board members have and what we need to do to ensure the club upholds its fiduciary and operational responsibilities.

I thrive on working in a team to build organisations in line with the wishes of its members. The Kelvin Club is a wonderful icon in our brilliant city. I would be honoured to play a role in guiding it over the next 12 months. Our little oasis in the city is 160 years young and there are many opportunities for us to build our club, the services it can provide its members and the role it plays in general society.

Clubs like Kelvin can have a very positive impact on their members providing the social connectedness we all need. The isolation of Covid highlighted the importance of clubs like ours in addressing loneliness but also assisting in the cohesion of the community. I look forward to working with the board and members to improving what we do and how we do it.


Rhys Watson


Miss Pearls

General Committee

Max Allen

Max Allen is an award-winning journalist and author, honorary fellow in history at the University of Melbourne and former creative fellow at the State Library of Victoria. Max has been writing about wine and drinks for almost 30 years: he is columnist for the Australian Financial Review, long time contributor to Gourmet Traveller Magazine, and Australian correspondent for

His latest book, Intoxicating: Ten Drinks That Shaped Australia, published by Thames & Hudson, won the André Simon Memorial Prize in London. He has also served on the committees of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and Food + Drink Victoria. “The Kelvin Club is one of the great jewels in Melbourne’s cultural and social crown,” says Max. “I believe I can contribute to the encouraging growth in membership and inclusivity at the club by helping to foster a deep sense of hospitality and enrich the wine and food offering.”

General Committee

James Hewison

James Hewison has an international career in Film and the Creative Industries and a strong track record in organisational change and capacity building. As Executive Director of the Melbourne International Film Festival he oversaw its unprecedented growth. At the ACMI he integrated and deepened the moving image offering into the institution’s visitor experience. In 2021 he founded Atelier, a multi-disciplinary creative residency of which he is the Creative Director.

He has also been Mentor for the Australia Council and the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Board Member of Australian Art Orchestra, Alliance Française de Melbourne to Lucy Guerin’s contemporary dance group, consulted to institutions including MONA, the Victorian College of the Arts, Australian Film Television and Radio School, film commissions around Australia and New Zealand, and lectured at Melbourne and Monash Universities.

Committee Member

Beth Frey

Beth is a multi-award-winning film and television Producer. The winner of an International Emmy®, a British Film and Television Award, multiple Australian Film Institute and Logie Awards, amongst others. She has produced both drama and documentary programs for the major TV networks, including the series Nowhere Boys, Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, Next Stop Hollywood, Vietnam Nurses, Liquid Stone-Unlocking Gaudi’s Secret, and Dr Sarmast’s Music School.

Alongside this, she has also built a successful online retail business, “Mrs Robinson’s Vintage and Designer Recycle”. Prior to entering the film and television industry, Beth held senior management roles in the fashion industry, including eight years as Buying Manager for Susan Corporation. Beth is highly motivated and driven, and if elected to the Kelvin Club Committee, would bring her extensive knowledge and experience to the role.

Committee Member

Edward Bourke

I bring to this role extensive experience on boards and committees across the non-profit and commercial sector. My work includes; major public relations campaigns, policy development, corporate management, and private investment. Clubs are best defined as a sum of their members, so I look forward to engaging with all Kelvin Club members in building a positive future for the Club. I also look forward to working with the wider committee to achieve these goals.

The Kelvin Club not only has a special place in each of our hearts, but also the heart of Melbourne. It’s a symbol of how Melbourne and its institutions have embraced the evolving faces and culture of our city.

But now it’s time to write a new, important chapter for our beloved Club and ensure that its stewardship remains strong for the next 160 years. This means actively supporting and developing new visions and ideas for our storied institution.

We must work towards implementing policies that compliment our Club’s traditions but also help advance a future that embodies renewal and progress. This includes, while we remain a club with an absolute focus on members, we are also creating a sustainable commercial future for the Kelvin Club.

This will help guarantee that the next 160 years (and beyond) remain stable, comfortable, and allow us the runway for further investment in the Club. Indeed, as Melbourne develops around us (including a hotel next door), we have a greater opportunity than ever to make the Club the centrepiece of CBD life.

As a young member, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the committee and contribute to the positive development of our club, its membership, and its management.

The story of Melbourne is one of staunch tradition, constant progress and never turning away from important reforms and changes.

That’s the story of the Kelvin Club too and a story I hope to be part of writing.

Committee Member

Andrew Gun

I bring a quite unique blend of specific legal skills and broad life experience in supporting the goals and vision of the Club leadership team. My 20-year career in law (private practice at Allens and now a mergers lawyer at the ACCC) follows a near 20-year career as a photographer and editor (mostly in Hong Kong).

I’ve been a member for a few years no and feel I’m ready to contribute to the next phase in the long history of our wonderful Club.I don’t think my vision for the Club is ground-breaking. Like everyone, I want us to ensure we secure the Club’s future while keeping it as the fantastic place it is to relax, talk to people we normally wouldn’t meet and generally feel welcome and comfortable. Our haven in the middle of our city of Melbourne.

Like all of us (or most of us), I believe attracting a broad range of new members-who appreciate the value of the Club-is not only the key to the continued existence of the Club but goes to the heart of what makes it worth belonging to.

I’ve been excited to see the growing diversity of our membership and the sense of purpose on the Committee and want to bring my experience and skills in support the team, staff and membership.

Committee Member

Julian Goddard

I have over 40 years of experience working on boards and committees of various sizes and purposes, especially incorporated associations. My commitment has always been to enhance the aims and success of these organisations with a strong emphasis on their public-facing endeavours.

I have also led highly successful university schools requiring advanced management, HR and financial skills. Always with an inclusive, transparent and friendly manner. I also co-owned and ran a successful business for over twenty years operating nationally and overseas. I have retired and have time to give to the club.

Since joining I use the club at least once a week and have a standing pool engagement every Wednesday afternoon with member friends. Several of whom I have introduced to the club.

If elected I will work for an increase in membership while maintaining the wonderful ambience the club is so uniquely lucky to have. I see the future and prosperity of the club relying on an increased membership. Without which it will be hard to sustain the as is, let alone improve facilities, staffing numbers and the use of the club.

And I will push for the implementation of an annual Art Award hosted by the club for the enjoyment and stimulation of members and to raise the profile of the club. With 50 years’ experience in ‘the artworld’ I am well placed to be able to help achieve this, if the club so wishes.

I will work to maintain and raise the club’s profile with a view to increasing the membership but also to consolidate the club within Melbourne’s identity. Making the club a ‘go to’ for interstate and international visitors thus enhancing reciprocation and opportunities for members.