Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kelvin Club

What is the Kelvin Club?

The Kelvin Club is a private members club for men and women where old world meets new, nestled in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. We offer a city sanctuary for our members, their guests and our many business, social and community partners.

The Kelvin Club is part of historical Melbourne. It was first established in 1865 and our position at 14-30 Melbourne Place makes us one of Melbourne’s original laneway bars. The bluestone building, built in 1864, is only fifty paces off Russell Street between the busy thoroughfares of Bourke Street and the independent boutiques of Little Collins Street.

The Club rooms are the essence of a private club, where members are encouraged to regard it as an extension of their home. It’s a personal oasis in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. Amongst many other things, the club offers a thoughtfully stocked bar, a fine dining room, a games room, an onsite barber, and a quiet and comfortable space to escape with open fire and cosy ambience.

With complimentary wifi and guest sign in facilities, the Kelvin Club is the perfect place to set up your office for the day or hold business meetings and functions.

What is the history of the Kelvin Club?

History – Kelvin Club

Who was Lord Kelvin and why is the Club named after him?
What can I expect when I come to the Kelvin Club?

The Kelvin Club is a warm and friendly environment in which all members and guests are welcomed. We expect our members to be friendly and inclusive. We have a code of conduct which can be viewed here.

Is the Kelvin Club an accessible venue?

The lounge area and barber are accessible from the street. There are four steps with a sturdy hand rail at the entrance to the members bar. Unfortunately, there is no lift, so a staircase is our only access to our upstairs function rooms.

What are the opening hours of the Kelvin Club?

MONDAY – By Appointment
TUE-FRI – 11:00am – Late
SATURDAY – By Appointment
SUNDAY – By Appointment

Lunch Served – 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Dinner Served – 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Can anyone come to the Kelvin Club?

The Club is a private Club for members only. Members may bring guests, and many of our events are open to the general public if a ticket is purchased.

Can I book a function at the Kelvin Club?

The Kelvin Club is a premier event venue located in the heart of the Melbourne’s CBD. You do not need to be a member to book one of our event spaces.

Our versatile spaces can accommodate a variety of functions, from small intimate gatherings to large corporate events. We can host an array of celebrations and events throughout our versatile and flexible club spaces, for meetings, engagements & weddings, balls, birthdays and charity functions, 7 days of the week.

At the Kelvin Club we know that your function or event requires unique consideration, so we’d love to hear from you to design your complete event solution, based on your needs and expectations. Discover all the different ways you can make use of our spaces and the many amenities we offer.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you to create a memorable experience for you and your guests, so contact us now with any queries or to make an appointment to explore our Kelvin Club spaces and build your unique event.

How do I book tickets for events at the Kelvin Club?

Links to our events and booking details are on our website.

News and events are also advertised in our Kelvin Club Weekly Update. You can
subscribe here

Who can be a member of the Kelvin Club?

The Kelvin Club is open to people from all backgrounds and is the only private members Club in Melbourne that is open to all genders. Membership at the Kelvin Club grants you access to Club facilities, where you can enjoy great food, wine or a post-work cocktail. High speed Wifi makes the club a great place to drop in for work and meetings. You can hotspot at a table or relax in the lounges in front of the open fire. A coffee or snack is never far away.

What are the categories of Membership and what are the membership fees?

Membership categories include Full Membership, Affiliate Membership, Young Membership and Senior Membership, and Interstate and Country Memberships. See our website for details.

Membership Fees are for the period 1 July to 30 June and are renewable on 15 June each year. The Committee determines the Joining Fee and annual Membership Fees each year.

What are the benefits of being a Kelvin Club Member?

As a member you are eligible for:

    • Member account that will be billed on a monthly basis
    • Discounted Parking at First Parking on Little Collins Street
  • Access to Reciprocal Clubs around the world
  • Full members are eligible to vote at the AGM and to stand for the Committee of Management
  • Our Members’ events programme brings you a mix of social networking nights, guest speakers, wine and whiskey tastings, workshop nights and “off campus” activities such as gallery visits. We also host several dinners and galas through the year to celebrate the club and it’s history.
How do I become a member?

Membership is obtained by a referral from a current full member and requires another member to second the application. Applications are then reviewed by the Kelvin Club Committee.

If you do not know a current member and are hence unable to provide a nominator or seconder, Membership of the Club is still available via an interview process with the Committee. All applications are reviewed by the Manager and membership is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Do I pay a joining fee?

Yes, all new members (except young members) are charged a joining fee.

What is the Member's Advance?

The Member Advance payment is invoiced to members twice a year. It creates a credit on your account for use on bar, dining, and function purchases. In 2024 the Advance is $300 for Full Members, and $150 for Concessional Members.

The Advance is invoiced in two parts, half in March and September. Each half expires after 6 months with any unused portion retained by the Club and applied towards general operations.

The Member Advance starts after your first year of Membership.

Do members have a Club account, and if so, what can I charge to my account?

Yes, members have a Club Account that is billed on a monthly basis. You can charge all your expenditure from the bar and dining room, and you are able to purchase wine and other special offer’s through your account.

The Club also has credit card facilities for members and guests who wish to pay directly at the bar.

Will I get the opportunity to meet other members of the Club?

Our members bar is a perfect way to meet other members of the Club. We encourage a convivial and welcoming atmosphere where members are encouraged to chat.
You can also meet others at our shared tables for special events such as our monthly live jazz night, or at one of our lunches or dinners.

We also have a number of special interest groups that meet regularly around a shared passion. You can read about those groups and how to join them here, and if you wish to, our admin staff can help you organise your own special interest group for other Kelvin Club members.

Who manages the Kelvin Club?

Miss Pearls is the Secretary/ Manager appointed by the Kelvin Club Committee of

The Committee is elected by our members each year at our AGM. The Committee appoints a professional Secretary/Manager to undertake the day to day business of running the Club.

Committee – Kelvin Club

Who can nominate for election to the Committee of Management?

Any Full Ordinary member can nominate for the Committee.

Who is the first point of contact at the Kelvin Club?

The first point of contact is the Secretary/Manager, Miss Pearls

What are the Rules of the Kelvin Club?
What is the dress code of the Kelvin Club?