A Major Fundraising Initiative

A Major Fundraising Initiative

Everyone should have the right to live…and sleep…with dignity and in safety. The homeless on our city streets are living proof this basic right is being denied to hundreds of people. Every night.

Our members have asked what we can do to help them.

The Kelvin Club is proud to be partnering with the City of Melbourne on their inaugural ‘Make Room’ initiative project to address homelessness in the Melbourne CBD.

You can find out more about ‘Make Room’ here. You can donate here.

This ground breaking development in Little Bourke Street involving the City of Melbourne, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, government, philanthropic and community partners will create accommodation for about one-in-four homeless people currently sleeping rough and at risk in the CBD.

The Kelvin Club is campaigning to raise money ($100,000+) in support of Make Room’.

Our aim is to build momentum towards this goal and to engage with our membership and our family and friends in raising funds.

The Club will be holding events to raise funds throughout the coming year but if you wish to make a contribution now, you may do so here.

To help raise much needed money to bring this project home, please register here.

The Kelvin Club thanks you for bringing our values and beliefs to our city community.

How Can I Help?

Now that we know you want to help, we ask that you register your interest here.

That way, we can keep you informed about the fundraising effort within the club and ways you can get involved. We will ask that you share information about the project – and the donate link – with your family, friends, colleagues, and others in person, on social media and other communications. The club is also the perfect spot for you to host an event of your own: a quiz or film night, a dinner, or a lunch, an auction, a raffle, or other fundraiser. Our wonderful team is here to help you plan, host, and promote your own event.

Remember, many small pledges soon add up towards achieving our goal, with all donations made through the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation being fully tax-deductible.

To prepare promotional information for an event, we ask that you use the logo kit and brand guidelines provided here.

Logo Kit & Brand Guidelines

The Make Room logo kit and brand guidelines and the Homes Melbourne logo kit (and associated guidelines) may be accessed here. It is a requirement that the Make Room and Homes Melbourne logos appear together – as ‘Make Room’ is a Homes Melbourne initiative.

Prior to sending out your content with the Make Room and Homes Melbourne logos you will need to seek approval from our team. Please email your artwork to logoapprovals@melbourne.vic.gov.au where it will be reviewed. You may receive feedback requesting further changes or your collateral will be approved. Your City of Melbourne contact must be copied on any correspondence to the logo approvals email inbox. Please allow 48 hours for this process to occur.